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“Roshni, hurry up !” said Ramesh .”We don’t have much time.”

“Just two minutes…I am adding some finishing touches” said Roshni

Ramesh watched as Roshni picked a glitter colour spray and meticulously added specks of golden glitter colour to her work.

“Now it looks perfect 🙂 ” said Roshni with pride

“Hurry up.. it’s the Kala ghoda fest.. we can’t be late ..There will be lots of stuff there.. the people just come to click pictures and selfies.. no one notices the details like this” said Ramesh

“Still, I like it to be perfect, it’s my work” said Roshni

“Okay miss kalakaar (artist).. now let’s go” said an impatient 10 yr old Ramesh

The fest was about to start. Each tiara they sell today would fetch them 50 Rs. as against the usual price of 20 Rs. on Christmas.

Time could not be wasted. Who cared about some extra glitter on the tiaras that his 13 year old sister made…


On a winter’s night

On a winter’s night…

A writer tries to write…

What? … He has no clue…

In random words… he rhymes lines few…


A thought bothering him…

Making him grim..

In words he seeks a solution

Perhaps a new resolution


To be happy constantly… is not practical ….he knows

But he will try to seek…a silver lining…in his woes…

For every corner need not be another dead end,

For sometimes there are hidden turns, beyond the obvious bend…


The night may seem dark…. darkest then ever,

But this state will not remain, the night will not last forever..

This dark phase too, like others, he will survive…

After a grim night, a bright new day too will arrive……..

The night he remembers

On a night of December,

A night he remembers,

A night of long walks,

A night of memorable talks.


Of coffee in the cafe at the corner,

Where he often returned as a wandering loner,

Of co-incidences many, that happened that night,

Of the last good-bye, under the street light.


And so he comes out of his thoughts,

That night is over, so are those walks,

Moving on from the night he remembered,

On a random night of December.