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The walk under moonlight


A beautiful night it was…
The full moon gleaming over the city of London…
No stars that night…
The moon seemed more beautiful this way….

She decided to go for a walk…
A walk under the moonlight…
Contemplating on days went by….
The day she first met “Him”
The day he proposed her…

Their romantic date together…
Tomorrow she will be married to him…
And so her thoughts moved on….
When suddenly she DIED!!

….. Jack the Ripper ‘ripped’ another victim under the moonlight.


International Watch Shop, Naya Bazaar, YKW (you know where!!!)

Here Sir… A perfect Swiss make

“Too expensive… ahem… I mean too extravagant design…I need something subtle you know …”

Yes sir, I have just the thing for you, a watch ‘made in China’. Only Rs. 20

“Too cheap. Look money is not an issue and I don’t want Chinese watch. Show me a nice foreign watch.”

Sure sir, here’s a French one, an Italian make and this one’s a latest English watch…

“This looks good”

Good choice sir… it’s the latest design, just arrived today morning from London …

In the basement…

“Put these London packs. Mark these as Swiss. Make sure you don’t leave any old labels affixed …”

Mon Ami

Dear Joe,


Yeah, I know you will be angry with me.

You kept writing letters and I never replied to one.

Yes it’s my fault; I failed to keep in touch.

Its not that I had forgotten you, it’s just a busy life you know.

Over time, even you stopped writing letters to me; you must have been fed up of me not replying to you.

I remember our college days, when we were the best of friends. We still are, aren’t we? Distance doesn’t break friendships.

Let’s meet up and revive the old times. I will be coming to UK next month for a week’s holiday. I know you will be glad to meet me and so am I. See you soon.

Your friend,


P.S.: I have decided to spend the maximum time possible with you while I stay there, so I haven’t made any hotel bookings. I will stay at your home. 🙂


Sam thought over it for minute. True, Joe was his best friend once, but over time they had lost contact. For last two years he hadn’t heard a word from him. But then again, Joe was one of those emotional guys. He will never forget old friends. Free accommodation in UK for a week was done.

A few days afterwards he received a letter.


Mr. Sam,

Sorry to inform you, but your dear friend Joe died two years back. Since he stayed alone and had no family members, his house was auctioned and I am the new owner of this house. I understand your grief and hope that you come over it soon. May God bless your good friend’s soul.

Yours truly…

Mr. Arthur Alright


Sam sighed. “There goes my trip”

Or perhaps not!

Why UK…why not France!

Time to write another letter…


Mon Ami Julian…