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Lets start a brand new story !

Lets start a brand new story
Fresh page – blank, no past worry
Lets start with self, and weave a tale new
No baggage from the past, not even snippets few

Meet new people, make a new start
On the canvas of life, make some new art
An art focussing on self … listen to your inner-voice
Choose your own colours, don’t let others influence your choice

Not everyone can be pleased, nor will everyone leave
What matters most is that in one-self, one must believe
With self-belief, move ahead and live your new tale
It’s still a vast sea out there – unexplored, just reach out and sail


I seek a shore…

I seek a shore

Location  – Montreux, Switzerland

I seek a shore, that grants me peace,
The perfect sight to put my mind at ease,
Where the world ends and starts again,
A dead end to end all pain,
A place where the land meets sea,
A place where every bird flies free,
Filled with red leaves stands an autumn tree,
A poetry portrayed to awaken the poet within me!