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Song : Na Sahi — Movie : Socha Na Tha

Tum Raasta… Main Ajnabee.. Lagta tha kyun yeh har ghadi..
Aadhe adhure geet ki.. ek tum kadi.. ek main kadi….
Tumhein dekhke lagta tha ye… tum ho bane.. mere waaste…
Milna hi tha.. humko magar.. hum naa miley… toh naa sahi…

You were the road… I a wanderer… Felt like this everytime..
Like two stanzas of a broken song… Two lines that complete a rhyme…
Everytime I saw you.. I knew you were the one  for me…
Together we were meant to be.. we didn’t meet though… let it be…..


Writing was…

Rhymes came easy, simple they were,
A clever play of words, to anyone it could occur,
Yet he made it his forte, his love of life,
Writing was his passion and also his strife.

A poet he was, one that never made sense,
I must say he rhymed well though, a point in his defense,
Sometimes though rhyming could be crazy, make him write stuff too insane…
Writing was his boon and also his bane.

An addict he was of tales too many,
Wrote many of his own, happy endings weren’t any,
Though he always started a tale on high notes, couldn’t end it so well..
Writing was his heaven and also his hell…

The last song of the night

A writer immersed in writing…trying to write a song,

The song that would summarize his life – all good days and days that went wrong.

The song, that would also be an ode, to numerous nights like this one,

When the writer tried to write, random rhymes filled with pun.


Mocking oneself at writing, and life in general that was,

And losing oneself in one’s own thoughts – moments of bliss-filled pause.

The last song, a writer writes, his last attempt to be good,

His finest attempt to be creative, rhyming on, perhaps…as best as he could.


The last song of the night,

A writer’s attempt to set things right,

In fiction perhaps, write a reality new,

And sing it thereafter, in synchronous words few,

Set a new rhythm, to groove on,

Singing ahead till dawn,

That’s how this song went by,

A twisted tune, to the beats of which… time will fly,

In faded time, memories too will fade,

To a tattered past, a goodbye the writer will bade,

His is an attempt to set things right…

As the writer writes.. the last song of the night.