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The Wanderer’s Peace…

A wanderer once travelled to find…
Through new experiences his peace of mind
Distant places he explored new..
Adventures too…he had his share few
But all awhile his goal still remained
Through experiences many…peace he hadn’t gained
He returned to his homeland…found estranged family, separated old friends…
Patched up relations…mended broken ends..
And so in the end..he found his peace..
Travel was terrific…but home was his final bliss !


How easy…

How easy it was to pluck a flower..
Regardless of the effort that went in planting it.. and letting it thrive,
For one day, it would have wilted away…anyways,
No point was left.. in letting it survive…

How easy they say is to move on..
From memories created.. and times lived by,
As if destruction is a solution.. when things go wrong,
Regardless of the creation, a relation.. that had reached it’s high…

How easy, these days, to cut the strongest ties..
As if emotions implied at one time were an illusionary trance,
Seems  preference is given more to final goodbyes,
Not letting a connection survive.. give it another chance…