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An artist he was, his art was doors
Everyone preferred them, to protect their floors
Everyday he made one, using some colour new
Rahim preferred green, Ram preferred blue
The door-maker created beauty for all
His art was universal, adorning every wall !



We are… after all… travellers of a different time
Different wanderers with different tales… different stanzas that complete a rhyme
Shadows of our former selves.. faded and old
Shadows with different stories.. some forgotten.. some untold…

View from my room - Different Times Different Skies

The view will change from time to time
Every season brings a different sky.. every song a different rhyme..
The art so created has the same artist as its creator
Same applies to life…if in troubled phase now , you – the artist, can always repaint it sooner or later..

Its a never-ending road !

It's a never-ending road !

Not everyone gets what one desires
Not everyone desires what one gets
Life moves on between moments
Some create good memories, some one forgets !

Neither all dreams come true,
Nor all nightmares are false,
Life may halt sometimes at closed doors,
At times it moves on even breaking the toughest walls!

Its a never ending road, one must walk on…
Not every path is right, some may be wrong…
Still a zeal to live must remain forever
No matter what phase life gives, one must not give up ever!

I seek a shore…

I seek a shore

Location  – Montreux, Switzerland

I seek a shore, that grants me peace,
The perfect sight to put my mind at ease,
Where the world ends and starts again,
A dead end to end all pain,
A place where the land meets sea,
A place where every bird flies free,
Filled with red leaves stands an autumn tree,
A poetry portrayed to awaken the poet within me!

The face behind the mask!!!

I asked him why he wore that mask
He questioned back, “Why do you ask?”
“Some call me by this name, some by another
No one questions my actual identity, why do you bother?”

“I am the one they worship in one form,
I am the one they seek to end in another,
I am the one they haven’t really seen,
Yet they define with different faces, my being!!”

They like their definition, concluding they are right,
To know the unknown face, without its sight,
When they don’t bother, why do you?
why question the unquestioned, why seek something new?

He never lifts his mask yet many portray him still,
Does God have his own identity, his own free will?