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Sorry the trailer is delayed for OM Returns Home due to some unsocial elements banning it. The movie is shelved so enjoy the trailer (narrates almost the whole story) :P.

P.S. – The clip was made for a college fest Drishti, long back in 2008. Modified it a bit. So here goes…


The Library

He sat in the library, unfurling pages many,
His eyes moving around, seeking known faces any…
There she sat ahead of him, the face he sought,
He reminded himself, think of her, he must not.

She saw him too, a glance intense,
Ignorance, though, was now a well-made pretence..
He was used to her ignorance, he ignored her too…
Though he always longed for such chance meetings few.

Her presence was pleasure, pain …a conversation of eyes…
Of conceiving the truth with a mask of lies…
Thus, life moved on, a tryst of desires untold…
Leaving a random past behind, of memories and secrets never to unfold!!

A computers committee member made a random design on a random day of June (or was it July or August)…one among the many alternatives for the college fest UMANG 2006 – Touchdown on Planet U…soon to be rejected and forgotten (it was used in an ad later on perhaps). Today, while trying to organize the clutter in his PC…he saw the same design. Nostalgic he is….

Planet U

Kshana- Moments of happinessA few years back some Rotaractors were returning back after a rather enthusiastic first ORO (Official Rotaract Outing) of RCNM. A conversation stroked and Mr Anuj Gosalia, the then President of the club gave an insight on the philosophy that gives this post its title. “Magical Moments”, he said “They are moments that occupy a special place in your memory. Like today… a day spent with friends on a memorable outing. These are moments we cherish, look back to, for as our lives progress we live many moments, but moments like these remain special and memorable. Such are the moments of joy and happiness …of fun…of life actually lived!!!” Indeed as years progressed, many such magical moments came in a normal college student’s life. But the most cherished are definitely those when he really felt that he added some value to his life…to his existence. Those were moments which he spent for others, moments he tried to bring smile on others faces, moments of service which was done in way towards oneself, because such moments was when really thought that it was worth living, when really lived life to the fullest, in its true meaning.The others in question were people who had a world of their own… quite different from what he had lived…they were people who actually did what life’s meant for, living it to the fullest every second, satisfied with what they have and enjoying every moment they breathe. They were people, the very interaction with whom would result in a smile. Many entitled them cute, angels, kids, and many other titles. The student calls them little masters – for they have taught and given him more than he could have ever learned and earned on his own. He remembers those moments he spent with the SVP little masters as a Rotaractor. And with those little masters he accompanied to the Parle Factory as an iVolunteer volunteer. And more recently with those little masters at the Childline Event as a Kshana volunteer. Kshana – Moments of happiness, rightfully said!! And such magical moments will continue to enrich life, to really live it out. The normal student of N.M. College looks forward to it!!