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Common friends were many,
Yet they noticed each other’s face.
Ignorance was mutual,
Still heartbeats increased in pace.

An incomplete tale was their past,
Feelings they thought would forever last…
But life had its twists and turns all along,
Soon the right choice faded… the relation seemed wrong.

"Mutual Breakup" was the diplomatic answer for friends,
"Moving on" to new beginnings leaving behind broken ends.
Both were happy in their own worlds now,
Yet social gatherings like these were still awkward somehow.

Ignorance though was a game well played,
Filmy situation it seemed, a Bollywood moment so swayed.
Background music was lacking, but drama persisted,
To even say a "Hi" – seemed a crime that both resisted.

And so went on a silent night…
Lovers had moved on, but two friends missed each other yet continued the fight 🙂


It’s not the end afterall

The ship may be broken but a boat survived…
The voyage was interrupted but the journey revived
Maps may be lost.. but new maps will be drawn..
Un-sailed waters will be covered, new routes will be born
An adventure awaits ahead, it’s not the end afterall,
Every great "rise" begins after the greatest "fall"….

Time ticked away…

And as time ticked away… many tales did too…
Of characters random… some lasted long.. some had snippets few…
Some endings were incomplete.. Some were complete but felt wrong…
The tales were short… But life is long…

Another high will pass.. so will.. another low..
Life moves on.. and so on one will go…

New tales…new characters…new plots too
New drama to add some spice… emotions new…
And so will be set right everything that now seems wrong..
These tales too will be short.. but they will add to a life too long…

Time moves on…

Time moves on…so must we…
From old attachments.. someday.. we must be free.
Days will pass.. so will weeks, months and years…
One will remember moments of laughters and tears.
Have more of the former.. latter is of no use…
Why be in despair.. when life keeps one amused.
So rejoice.. and walk with hopeful mirth towards days ahead.. of glee…
Time moves on… And so must we !

Short Stories… Long Life…..

Unspoken words, unread mails,
Moments forgotten, unfinished tales,
Between memories many, one moves on…
The story was short, but life is long….

Another time, another tale,
Will emerge …without fail,
One moves on… on the road ahead,
In an unknown direction, his feet will tread,
With memoirs and memories of days to remember,
Of a mirthful November, of a doomsday December.

Different directions, different ways,
New beginnings, new days…
One looks forward to a start all new,
Perhaps another new tale …of words few !