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And so go the years…

Below four lines are from a song I like – “I know what it is to be young” by Orson Welles. If any words follow the four lines – those are written by me. Here goes…

There will be days to remember ,

Full of laughter and tears,

After summer comes winter,

And so go the years…


There will be moments like now,

When things seem wrong,

Each phase will fall in the rhythm somehow,

And so will go on the song…


There will be times of happiness,

And times of despair,

Every time will have a tale to tell,

Every tale will be a blockbuster affair…


For we all know, what it is to live,

Life has it’s dramas with highs and lows

Every phase we will live through, we must believe

Passing them all as time flows


For there will be months to remember,

An August of laughter, a September of tears,

Days will pass on to December,

And so go the years…




Kuch alfaaz mere..

Kuch alfaaz mere mein likh raha hoon,

Shaayad keh na paaon kabhi,

Shabdon mein kuch khayalaat bayaan kar raha hoon,

Shaayad awaaz na ban paaye woh kabhi…


Kuch darr sa lagta hai aaj kal,

Kahin galat kuch keh naa doon mein,

Alfaaz ko mitaakar, phir likh sakta hoon iss pal,

Par aawaz mein yeh sahoolat shaayad miley naa mujhe…


Kuch alfaaz mein yun likhna chahta hoon,

Jo dil mein ho bas likh doon abhi,

Dard sa kuch ehsaas hai yeh,

Bas shabdon bayaan hua naa kabhi….


Maaf karna mujhe agar kuch galat likh doon,

Bas jitna ho sake utna kam likh raha hoon,

Ab shaayad aage mein kuch naa kahoon,

Aakhri baar bas… kuch alfaaz mere…mein yun likh raha hoon…

It’s not the end afterall

The ship may be broken but a boat survived…
The voyage was interrupted but the journey revived
Maps may be lost.. but new maps will be drawn..
Un-sailed waters will be covered, new routes will be born
An adventure awaits ahead, it’s not the end afterall,
Every great "rise" begins after the greatest "fall"….

Sometimes the map proves wrong

Sometimes the map proves wrong
Distances short, are eventually long
Planned routes, may not be right
Destinations sought, may not be in sight

Waters shallow may turn deep too
Ships may steer on a course all new
Direction less and lost one may be
Caught in a journey, never to be free

Still the journey has a purpose, and that it will fulfil,
Wanderers will find ways ofcourse, there’s always a will
For maps may be faulty, directions wrong
Still every journey has an end, no matter how long

The travel then will be a tale to narrate,
Of experiences new, unknown to the world till date
New maps will be made easing wanderers new
The wanderer who survives the journey will help others too


He walked and kept walking all night,
In search for the fabled divine light..
No light shone.. darkness everywhere..
He couldn’t track his path, was lost amidst nowhere..
Yet it was his hope, that made him move on his way…
The darkest night of his life was the first step to his brightest day….


He wanted to rhyme but had no clue…
The writer, my friend, had words none…thoughts random incoherent few…
Lost in confusion, he tried his best to express
His intentions… his actions.. but with his words he always further failed to impress…

Confusion was the flavour of the season…
Random thoughts in a crowded mind, for no apparent reason…
Like a crowded Mumbai local, all on-board – set for the journey, but fatally at discomfort,
Such were the writer’s thoughts, in his words they reflected, the rhymes that he finally wrote.

Of new paths and old ways…

“Shall I walk ahead…or shall I stop?”
A wanderer wonders…
“What next? Where to go….?”
The map one had, proved wrong long ago,
Ways marked by others are not necessarily right..
The turn others had taken, may not be in sight.
So now one was lost..on a journey he planned well…
Thought he will go to life’s heaven…Got stuck in life’s hell
And now the question comes back to him
He followed other’s trails but now his journey depends on his whim.
What to do next…where to go ?
Walk ahead on roads going nowhere ?
Walk where others have not dared to tread ?
For this is how new maps will be made..
New paths will be discovered…while old ones fade…