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An artist he was, his art was doors
Everyone preferred them, to protect their floors
Everyday he made one, using some colour new
Rahim preferred green, Ram preferred blue
The door-maker created beauty for all
His art was universal, adorning every wall !


International Watch Shop, Naya Bazaar, YKW (you know where!!!)

Here Sir… A perfect Swiss make

“Too expensive… ahem… I mean too extravagant design…I need something subtle you know …”

Yes sir, I have just the thing for you, a watch ‘made in China’. Only Rs. 20

“Too cheap. Look money is not an issue and I don’t want Chinese watch. Show me a nice foreign watch.”

Sure sir, here’s a French one, an Italian make and this one’s a latest English watch…

“This looks good”

Good choice sir… it’s the latest design, just arrived today morning from London …

In the basement…

“Put these London packs. Mark these as Swiss. Make sure you don’t leave any old labels affixed …”