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Common friends were many,
Yet they noticed each other’s face.
Ignorance was mutual,
Still heartbeats increased in pace.

An incomplete tale was their past,
Feelings they thought would forever last…
But life had its twists and turns all along,
Soon the right choice faded… the relation seemed wrong.

"Mutual Breakup" was the diplomatic answer for friends,
"Moving on" to new beginnings leaving behind broken ends.
Both were happy in their own worlds now,
Yet social gatherings like these were still awkward somehow.

Ignorance though was a game well played,
Filmy situation it seemed, a Bollywood moment so swayed.
Background music was lacking, but drama persisted,
To even say a "Hi" – seemed a crime that both resisted.

And so went on a silent night…
Lovers had moved on, but two friends missed each other yet continued the fight 🙂


There’s always a silence before a storm takes place,
There’s always a pause before events are set in pace!
The darkest hour of night will always be before day,
There’s always a will that makes a way!

There’s always a high, that follows every low,
There’s always a path, whichever way we go,
There’s always a battle, between the right and wrong,
The right always wins, that’s retold in every tale, every song!

There’s a time for everything, as the saying goes,
When is the right time, nobody really knows,
But when it comes to us, we know it for sure,
Enough is enough, now is not the time to endure!

Now is the time, the moment to unite,
The spark within, its time to reignite,
To come together, gear up and fight,
For what is just and principally our right!