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Sometimes the map proves wrong

Sometimes the map proves wrong
Distances short, are eventually long
Planned routes, may not be right
Destinations sought, may not be in sight

Waters shallow may turn deep too
Ships may steer on a course all new
Direction less and lost one may be
Caught in a journey, never to be free

Still the journey has a purpose, and that it will fulfil,
Wanderers will find ways ofcourse, there’s always a will
For maps may be faulty, directions wrong
Still every journey has an end, no matter how long

The travel then will be a tale to narrate,
Of experiences new, unknown to the world till date
New maps will be made easing wanderers new
The wanderer who survives the journey will help others too


Tham jaa aien hawaa

Tham jaa aien hawaa, kis aur chali hai tu,
Durr mujhse kahin, kyun muh mod chali hai tu,
Tere yun mud jaane se, zindagi bhi tham si gayi,
Mujhe bhi saath le chal, jis aur chali hai tu….

Ruk jaa aien musaafir, kya jaldi hai tujhe,
Kis aur mein chali, nahi pata yeh mujhe,
Mere sang aakar, tu bhi kho jaayega,
Bhule bhatke raahon mein, akela khud ko paayega….

Akela nahi rahunga, jab saath hoga tera sang,
Apne jhonkon ki awaaz se bharna, mere shabdon mein sangeet ka rang,
Chaltein rahoon bas, yehi chahta hoon abhi,
Tu jis aur bhi le chale, manzil zaroor milegi, kabhi na kabhi…

Short Stories… Long Life…..

Unspoken words, unread mails,
Moments forgotten, unfinished tales,
Between memories many, one moves on…
The story was short, but life is long….

Another time, another tale,
Will emerge …without fail,
One moves on… on the road ahead,
In an unknown direction, his feet will tread,
With memoirs and memories of days to remember,
Of a mirthful November, of a doomsday December.

Different directions, different ways,
New beginnings, new days…
One looks forward to a start all new,
Perhaps another new tale …of words few !