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Bored he was in the middle of the night

In a dark room.. cold..only AC’s indicator light

tried to sleep..but sleep alluded

As if to avoid him..even dreams colluded

Bored too much.. he tried passing time

Beginning to write another random rhyme

Perhaps a tale…brewing in his mind

Of characters – some new.. some old left behind

Word after word, he spun a tale new

Thoughts too many filtered to lines few

The best part was that he could write the end

Every twist in tale… he would eventually mend

The writer loved this power he had

A different world he created on his writing pad

Reality perhaps lead him to an insomnia filled night,

But in his tales he wrote his dreams.. setting every ending right …



He walked and kept walking all night,
In search for the fabled divine light..
No light shone.. darkness everywhere..
He couldn’t track his path, was lost amidst nowhere..
Yet it was his hope, that made him move on his way…
The darkest night of his life was the first step to his brightest day….

View from my room - Different Times Different Skies

The view will change from time to time
Every season brings a different sky.. every song a different rhyme..
The art so created has the same artist as its creator
Same applies to life…if in troubled phase now , you – the artist, can always repaint it sooner or later..

On a winter’s night

On a winter’s night…

A writer tries to write…

What? … He has no clue…

In random words… he rhymes lines few…


A thought bothering him…

Making him grim..

In words he seeks a solution

Perhaps a new resolution


To be happy constantly… is not practical ….he knows

But he will try to seek…a silver lining…in his woes…

For every corner need not be another dead end,

For sometimes there are hidden turns, beyond the obvious bend…


The night may seem dark…. darkest then ever,

But this state will not remain, the night will not last forever..

This dark phase too, like others, he will survive…

After a grim night, a bright new day too will arrive……..

In despair he walked…

In despair he walked.. searching all night,
At dawn it was..when one saw.. his first ray of hope.. his light !
The night was dark indeed.. but not meant to last long,
A right destination awaited.. on the journey that seemed wrong.
For all the wanderer did.. was listen to his heart,
The end was happy after-all.. even though it was a troublesome start…