Johnny knew what he was about to do wasn’t right. His mom would have expected better of him. He knew that “one cant take law in own hands”. Watching many movies had given him a rough idea of that. Yet the thrill was too high. Of being the hero. Of fighting the oppressor. Of being saviour of his family.

For days, for months and probably for years he had suffered. He had seen his family been tortured. Slapped, beaten, insulted and let down. Enough was enough. Ronald’s gun was all that he needed. He had not stolen it from him, just “borrowed” without him knowing. He will return it ofcourse after his mission is completed.

He held the gun in his hand and slowly snuck out of bed. With hushed footsteps he went to the living room. There he sat, the big brawny drunk man. Unkempt hair, unshaved beard, untidy clothes. He was the tyrant of this household. Tonight the tyranny will end. With a racing adrenaline Johnny stepped forward in front of him, pointing the gun at him and pulled the trigger :


As little Johnny kept shooting with the toy gun, his father just frowned in a whiskey driven anger. Tonight too little Johnny will be “punished”. And so will be his mom and younger brother and sister.

Vigilante Justice never pays…