Among heavy tides it sailed and crossed oceans many,

Stood upfront to sea-storms and hurdles any,

Withered with time, now old it is, not perfectly right, still not wrong..

The ship ain’t broken, just out of shape.. soon it will go on…


Over time it has sailed all of sea, it’s high’s and low’s,

Withered it may be now, still it survived nature’s tough blows,

A beauty it was of wood, a beauty it will remain,

The ship ain’t broken, just a li’l damaged, will be mended again.


Life’s Like That…at times it seems, a ship wary from it’s course,

On a stormy voyage, the ship is steered, unable to withstand, fate’s untimely force,

But a sea is incomplete, without it’s tides both high and low,  a ship must withstand the the same,

Life ain’t broken, just off the route perhaps, at dawn, a new voyage it will claim.