Just Another Random CRAP

He decides to call her, one last time…
At worst he will end up writing another sad rhyme…
She takes his call, unaware it’s his,
He hears her voice, his moment of bliss,

He finally breaks the silence and responds to her voice with a hi,
She realizes its him, his heart beats faster, he utters a sigh,
Her tone changes now, from curiosity to hatred towards him, as he expected always,
Her hatred was the reason, they had long back parted ways

He loves her still, that’s his folly, his fate,
She hates him, but for her he will wait,
He fights an urge everyday to call her and hear her voice,
Everyday he makes against himself an anti-choice,
A choice he regrets and yet follows well
A choice he knows will make his life a living hell

He still follows this choice, fighting with his heart everyday,
But sometimes his heart wins, this was one such day,
The call lasted for sometime and then it was over,
And end of bliss for a random crazy lover,
He was mad he knew it,
But somehow he was out of his wit,
He decided he wont repeat this action again
For though it gives him pleasure, it always ends in pain

And with a new resolution he decided to mover further on and on…
Hoping he would not be defeated by his heart again, living life full on….