Klash’s latest word is Rebirth. (http://klashknk.wordpress.com/)

The great philosopher poet Prof. Richard Devendra Das, who knows it all, finally decided to speak on this mystifying subject of re-incarnation and I was one of the privileged ones to hear his entire speech.

Though his entire speech is worth re-mentioning its too long to fit in the disk space WordPress provides ( far longer than Mahesh Bhatt’s uninterrupted speech).

Therefore I re-produce here (with permission and lots of royalty paid) the most important part of his poetic philosophical speech – his own account of the reason of his re-birth (and past birth’s death).

Yes re-births happen for a reason – for reference see Om Shanti Om, Karan Arjun, Karz, Karz- Himesh Version {at your own risk}, Ab Ke Baras {Not my problem if you haven’t heard of it}.

Following is an excerpt from the speech of the esteemed philosopher poet Prof. Richard Devendra Das.The speech was delivered at a private gathering and this is only part of the speech ever re-produced.


Rebirths happen for a reason, my reason is fame
Which I rightly deserved in last life…never received the same
A struggling writer I was whose writings people never read
Nowhere to success this profession lead
So one fine day dejected I was
From writing I decided to take a permanent pause
And gifted my new writings to a student I had
Willy S. they called him…his writing was sad
The rest is history, he stole my work and rose to fame
When I confronted him, he used my own line, "What’s in a name?"
Whether it’s your work or mine…it’s all the same…
That day I committed suicide and to this existence I have since came!!