Monday night, 1 am – 32 hrs before the exam

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Dude!” whispered Abhinav. ’ Why did I agree to this? ’ He wondered. Arnab always came up with the most dangerous ideas.

“Relax Abhinav, everything will be fine. We are just stealing one set of question paper. And if you don’t panic so much, everything will go smoothly.”

Walking in the darkness, they tip toed to Prof. Sharma’s classroom. The question papers will be sealed but they had all the equipment ready. Arnab always planned out everything. The bribe for the security guard had worked. There was no one inside the college at this hour to catch them. Yes indeed, it was a perfect plan.

Arnab broke the seal, took one set of question paper and resealed the package with the lac he had brought. Abhinav kept a watch and prayed that things go fine. He knew he wouldn’t pass without knowing the questions beforehand. This was indeed his last hope. In the quiet darkness of the night two lads walked away with the question paper for Wednesday’s exam.


Tuesday morning – 2 pm – 19 hrs before exam

“But it’s not right, Sir!” argued Prof. Sharma. “Don’t be so conscientious Mr. Sharma, it’s for the college’s good. We have to please our trustees you know. Mr. Nath’s daughter must pass this exam”, said the Principal.

“But Sir…”

“No buts…I wouldn’t have troubled you, but it so happened that the question paper I provided her with was not the one which was eventually set for the exam. Mr. Mehta’s mistake I believe. But the papers can be reprinted. So I am sending the peon with this new sheet containing the questions I gave her to study and please discard the old set of question papers…”