Take 1

“Honey, I am home. What’s for dinner?”
“You never told me you can make Lasagna. Hope you haven’t put mushrooms.”
“Yes I know…you told me about your fungal allergy long back”
“Hmm… by the way, I met John Cruz today, your old college friend”
“Oh really, how is he? Where did you meet him? “
“At Crossword. He is studying Homer’s work. We had an interesting conversation regarding you.”
“You did?”
“Yes about your name. It implies “faithfulness”. I didn’t know the meaning until now.”
“Hmm…have your dinner its getting cold”

And so Penelope served the mushroom filled lasagna to him acting against what her name implied. Soon she will have his wealth and her love…John.

Et Tu Penelope….


Take 2

Reporters conversing at a book launch…

“Psst…, any clue what’s the book plot?”
“No idea, the press release contained only the title of the book – Penelope”
“Guess it’s a controversial plot. The writer is a debutante – perhaps that’s why the publishers were silent about the plot. Adds to the hype”
“Yes, it’s all to create hype. Perhaps the story is the biography of a woman of substance”
“I think it’s a thriller, perhaps the main protagonist is Penelope, the victim of some crime”
The writer arrives…
Amidst many questions he raises his voice, “Firstly a clarification about an error: The title is not “Penelope” its “Pen Elopes”. The story is about a pen eloping with a whitener against family opposition…”