Don’t know what to say,
Don’t know what to do,
Feeling confused today,
Moments of sanity seem few!!!

Dazzled and amazed,
At the changing colors of life,
One is dumb-struck, one is dazed,
Lost is a worthless-strife.

Life’s Like That and will always be,
A confined existence, I want to be free,
I want to live out, I want to die,
I want to scream, freak out, yet here so still I lie!!!

Its a state, they say, of unconfirmed insanity,
My mind is vacuumed of all sanity,
One is going crazy, cant stand this longevity,
Life’s Like That – An Anti-Tranquility!!!

And that’s it – what it will remain,
A state of crucial conditionality ; agonizing pain,
No one- No one can beat it,
It is an unbroken habit!!