Who am I…a ray of light
A candle of hope, with darkness, I fight..
My purpose is one, and that I serve…
Bickering, fading away,
Life’s Like That, a troubled way,
For, to die, is the reason I live
A meaningful life they say,
Yet it’s meaning I cannot comprehend…
After all, in my beginning…is my end…
So why did it begin, and why do I live,
Many answers, but none that I could believe,
They say life’s a mystery, I care nothing about it,
Why it exists for me, without anything in it for me,
Why is it that from the freedom of living, I wish to be free…
I wish to be bound, by worldly affairs,
To live a human life, in all it’s different layers,
But then again perhaps, that life too has something in it that’s difficult to comprehend…
Perhaps they too have a beginning which is their very end!!!