He looks at her again,
A solemn moment, of pleasure, of pain,
When words fall short, eyes speak more,
Of thoughts deep, from the heart’s core.

The night’s full of surprises it seems,
A starless sky, where the moon gleams,
Suddenly pours an untimely rain,
“Why ?”, in two minds, this same unanswered question will remain!!!

Out of words the writer concentrates now,
He has to end this tale happily somehow,
How ironical this fact seems to him,
Of glee he speaks while reality is grim.

There the tale comes to end,
A broken reality he had to bend,
For happy endings mark a perfect love story,
Broken tales are just lost in history.

He sets aside his work and glances at her now,
The girl, who never left his thoughts somehow,
She waits for the rain to slow down so she can go
Nostalgic moments follow the rain droplets flow.

And here I leave the tale, lost in traslation that night,
For under the pale moon, two lost lovers in a cafe, was just another sight,
Hearts spoke more , than words can say….
Perhaps this real love story will continue some other day….

As for that night, what happened next remains a mystery..
I had left by then , so if I ever come across the writer again,
I may knw what happend next, did it really end happily, or add to the pain,
Perhaps some day then we will know the end of this unfinished story!!!