There sits the Writer, my friend,
To another story of his he puts an end.
But his own life tale has gone quite wary,
‘Cause every broken heart has a broken story!!

In that cafe, he writes another new tale,
Of a night, so dark, of its moon, so pale.
There he goes on writing, his first character’s introduction,
Of her attractive green eyes, of the seductress’s seduction!

Of the innocence she once had,
Which attracted amongst many, a common lad.
There the second character comes in,
So thats where this love story will now begin!!!

Another cup of coffee arrives, steaming black!
A few sips the Writer has, for ideas he now lacks!
How would he begin this new love tale,
Will it be success in the end or would their love fail???

At that very moment, the Writer’s own life tale revives,
For in that very cafe, his own love arrives…
A raging beauty with a flaring smile,
The Writer is mesmerized for a while!

He remembers that smile from the good ol’ days,
When together they were before they parted ways.
Of that fateful day when the two of them parted,
Of his unfinished love which was all that lasted!

He concentrates now on writing the new tale,
Back to the question of success or fail.
Success he chooses, ignoring her presense,
How ironical!! He always missed her in her absense!

Back to the tale, he describes the young lad,
In the words of his friends a little smart, a little mad.
Crazy he was in love of that girl,
Whose innocent green eyes made every heart twirl!

What went wrong in their love story??? the Writer ponders,
He steals a glimpse of his love, as he wonders,
How different she looks now, yet the same eyes – attractive green,
Unaware of his presence in the cafe, after three years so close she has been!!!