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Moving on – A random rhyme

Heart whispered “Stay Back…please”
Mind decided to move on…
In hindsight, the decision seems right
Or one who would remained stuck to events of a random night
Life’s too long to hold on to the past
Some memories do remain… but moments never last
Moving on then, was a decision well taken
Heart was damaged a bit, but life wasn’t forsaken

Reaching Out…

They said after he died,
Why hadn’t he tried…
To reach out to friends,
To mend broken ends…

His step seemed extreme,
A loss of self-esteem,
Yet no one knew why,
He chose to die…

They said he should have reached out,
Gave everyone a shout…
Well guess what he had,
But people ignored that lad !

He tried calling friends, he even tried calling foes,
Anyone anywhere with whom he could talk, share his woes…
Some suggested therapy, but that wasn’t the need,
All he needed were friendly ears, not some paid advice to heed !

The ship may be broken but the boat survived…
The voyage was interrupted but the journey revived
Maps may be lost.. but new maps will be drawn..
Unsailed waters will be covered, new routes will be born
An adventure awaits ahead, its not the end afterall,
Every great “rise” begins after the greatest “fall”….


Kuch Alfaaz…

Kuch alfaaz mere, mein likh kar bhool gaya…
Daamadol iss zindagi mein, mein khud hi jhool gaya…
Thi manzil kuch aur tabhi…jaane kab mein kho gaya
Tha safar woh sapno ka, par safar mein bhi, mein so gaya…

And so go the years…

Below four lines are from a song I like – “I know what it is to be young” by Orson Welles. If any words follow the four lines – those are written by me. Here goes…

There will be days to remember ,

Full of laughter and tears,

After summer comes winter,

And so go the years…


There will be moments like now,

When things seem wrong,

Each phase will fall in the rhythm somehow,

And so will go on the song…


There will be times of happiness,

And times of despair,

Every time will have a tale to tell,

Every tale will be a blockbuster affair…


For we all know, what it is to live,

Life has it’s dramas with highs and lows

Every phase we will live through, we must believe

Passing them all as time flows


For there will be months to remember,

An August of laughter, a September of tears,

Days will pass on to December,

And so go the years…




This tale is of love that started on different Christmas day

Of two star crossed lovers who chose their own way !

Though it wasn’t planned, but I guess it was fate,

That each fell in love with the person whom they were supposed to hate !

Their families were at war, it was an enmity well-known

Yet a random evening changed this equation, seeds of love were sown !

And it blossomed day and night

Love made life different – wasn’t the usual fight !

Families were forgotten – only one name was always on the mind

The lovers thus chose to leave their old lives behind !

They got married secretly, a victory too sweet

Unknown to them though, was a different destiny that they will meet !

Families separated them, much drama followed,

Life for the lovers now seemed hollowed !

Not united in life ….one chose death

Knowing one was no more.. the other too gave up his breath !

Thus ended a tale of two star crossed lovers who united after life

Love was their folly, such was their strife !

Their names are unknown but a playwright gave each a new name

And through his writing their love lived.. rising to a new fame !

A tragedy renown to the world replicated in stories again and again,

For every tale told – brought with it the same sadness, the same pain !

For never was a story more woe..

Then this of Juliet and her Romeo !

Kuch kam hai dil mein khwaaishein…

Kuch kam hai dil mein khwaaishein…
Yeh samaah ab woh nahi hai !
Udte the jahan khwabon ke sehraano mein
Yeh aasmaan ab woh nahi hai !

Zindagi ke saath hum bhi aage bad gaye
Armaan kuch adhure peeche reh gaye
Jis manzil ki aur chale the, yeh raasta ab woh nahi hai…
Kuch kam hai dil mein khwaaishein, yeh samaah ab woh nahi hai !

Life moves on…

Life moves on…connecting one tale to another…
Highs and lows ….keep following each other,
The end doesn’t matter… what matters…is the road.
Make the journey memorable… Why take any load ?
Relish each tale, on this journey of life !
Live life to the fullest, no matter what strife !!



Laugh and be high on life…
Perfect recipe to overcome any strife !
Every now and then one may face moments of gloom…
With a base of laughter though..happiness will definitely bloom !



An artist he was, his art was doors
Everyone preferred them, to protect their floors
Everyday he made one, using some colour new
Rahim preferred green, Ram preferred blue
The door-maker created beauty for all
His art was universal, adorning every wall !